Glow Bracelets Lighting Gives A Soft Glow At Night
Light your way using low cost glow sticks
Boondocking glow light that is fun and cheap

Glow Bracelets For Lighting
Glow Stick RV Night Lights

See In The Dark In Your RV Using Glow Stick Bracelets

We bought a box of 100 bracelet size glows bracelets to carry with us camping. We bought them on Ebay. They make a wonderful night light without using any power from you batteries. They are just a flexible glow stick. You can wrap it like a bracelet or leave it straight light a regular glow stick. We only bought 100, but you can buy bulk glow sticks and save more.

Our first night out I broke two of them to get them lit in the bedroom, then broke two more and put them in the bathroom. My wife said they were way too bright. Next time we only put one in the bathroom.

My wife got the idea that they needed up be up on some sort of hooks or brackets. She found the tiny suction cups and stuck two on the bathroom mirror. The clips are just right for holding one glow stick and the mirror reflects its light out into the room.

Enough light shines in the bathroom to find a cup for a drink of water or whatever else you need a little light for. It also gives a soft glow into the bedroom. Not really much light but you do not need much in the tight quarters of an RV bedroom.

These would be great night lights for your children. Give each one a stick or two to play with outside and then let them take them to bed as a night light. This will alleviate the fears of many children who do not like a dark room at night.

In the morning, do not throw the glow sticks away. Gather them all up and put them in the freezer or ice chest. You will get at least one more nights use out of them and sometimes two more nights.

It is just my wife and I when we go out camping, but we sometimes have fun by giving the glow sticks to children in the campsite next to us. The kids have a ball and it is a good ice breaker if you have not already gotten to know your neighbors.

They run out fast. Next time we will get a larger box. We got ours on Ebay for the best price. Since auctions constantly change, do a search for "glow bracelets" on ebay to see availability and pricing.

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