LED Crank Flash Lights

Never be without light using LED crank flashlights
An ideal gift idea!

LED crank flash lights mean you will never be without light because of dead batteries. If you have ever reached for your flashlight and found only a dim useless light coming from it, then you need one of these modern crank flashlights. You crank them for one minute and the charge lasts for up to an hour. There are no batteries to replace. You will always have light when you need it.

The price on these varies from about $8 to $12, but there are also more expensive models. The one I bought has 3 LEDs in it. It either lights up with one LED or with all three. These lights use ultrabright LEDs, so they give off a lot of light.

These are ideal for emergencies, home, auto, camping, fishing and more. Put them in your hurricane or earthquake emergency kits. Have one for every member of your family. These flash lights are so inexpensive you can have them all around the house. The best part is they will always provide bright light with a few cranks of the handle.

If you have children, they will love these flashlights. You will love it too, since they can never run the batteries down -- there are no batteries. As a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or any holiday or event gift, these are an ideal and inexpensive gift idea.

You can find them at many stores.

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